'I’m proud to have been Bernard’s friend'

The local amateur boxing scene here in Preston, and the North West in general, has suffered a sad loss with the passing of Bernard Simpson, pictured, recently.

By Clare Kelly
Friday, 22nd March 2019, 3:43 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 4:48 pm
Bernard Simpson
Bernard Simpson

If there was a boxing show in the area, you could be sure of encountering Bernard, being cheerful, as the show’s OIC (official in charge), matching up bouts, acting as a judge at ringside or as the man with the microphone, announcing the contests.

At one show I attended with club boxers, I was astounded to see him apparently fulfilling all three functions when an official failed to show.

Bernard’s workmanlike and enthusiastic approach made a welcome change from the stolid ‘jobsworth’ attitude of some officials.

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He brought the same positivity to his roles in amateur boxing as he did to everyday living.

Leaving the cynicism to others, he was always cheerful.

He was a permanent devotee of the amateur game, generous with his praise and thoughtful with his advice.

Reflecting on his own active boxing career, Bernard once told me that he lost close to ten (or was it more?) of his early bouts but then he remembered how happy he felt when at last his arm was held aloft!

That was Bernard - total honesty and a lesson to all who find boxing tough at the apprentice stage.

I am proud to have been his friend.

Andy Sumner

Preston and Fulwood ABC


Destruction of lovely village

It is with great sadness that I write this letter, having been born and bred in the lovely village of Brinscall, but now I am witnessing the destruction of this lovely village.

Let me explain, I spent many happy hours hay-making at Brinscall Hall Farm, then owned by Mr and Mrs Drinkall.

What a lovely farm it was then.

Now it has been destroyed by property developers - not only the farm but the lovely tree-lined Dick Lane has also been destroyed by HGVs going to the farm.

The road, from the junction of Dick Lane, down to the derelict Woodside Cottages, is also being destroyed by ready-mix concrete wagons and the aggregate wagons supplying this site across from Woodside Cottages.

On this road, daffodils and crocuses used to adorn the grass verges, not now.

The verges have given way to a mud bath.

What also upsets me is the destruction of Heron Wood Cottage, to be replaced by, I don’t know how to describe the building which has replaced it.

This house does not fit in the lovely countryside setting.

I wonder if the planning committee visits these sites or is it a case of not in my back yard?

The lovely cobbles on Lodge Bank have also suffered damage by HGVs visiting these houses. Lodge Bank’s 20mph limit is now a rat run of speeding cars and vans going to these houses at the end of Lodge Bank.

There is also the destruction of footpaths in the plantation by illegal mountain bikes.

Does anybody care anymore?

Name and address supplied


Problems on our roads

What a magnificent result for Preston, snatching a win from Birmingham on Saturday. However, whereas I realise it must be a nightmare arranging police coverage for these events, it beggars belief that they saw fit to hold up traffic for nearly half an hour at Deepdale traffic lights. This was to guide just two visiting team fan coaches along Blackpool Road.

In the process, this caused complete gridlock.

I thought it was royalty attending.

Whilst on the subject concerning traffic problems, it is high time that cars were stopped from parking along Watling Street Road, near the barracks.

It causes a problem for cars, and certainly bigger vehicles, attempting to get past.

I cannot imagine how many of them get damaged.

I’ve seen a few wing mirrors whacked and scraped.

Fulwood resident