'Government's not helping our planet'

Well, the residents of planet Earth have had a final warning.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th November 2018, 1:53 pm
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 2:59 pm
A correspondent says the Government 'forced fracking on local communities'
A correspondent says the Government 'forced fracking on local communities'

Not from me but all the scientists who have been observing the ever increasing change in the climate, and it is, in their opinion, man-made.

And if we don’t do something soon to try to reverse it, our children’s futures are at stake.

I’m astounded the press and the television networks haven’t given this warning the headlines it deserves.

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Theresa May outlined in her manifesto what the Government’s intentions were towards climate change and how important it was to her personally.

But just like everything she proposes, I’m afraid they are just empty words and failed promises.

The new Environment Secretary Michael Gove said that, by 2025, he will have banned cotton buds, and new home owners will be allowed to take home reusable items from council dumps.

Well, float my boat. The planet is dying and this is the best they can come up with.

In 2015, this Government cancelled new onshore wind projects and scrapped zero carbon homes policy.

In 2016, it ended support for new solar energy projects.

In 2017, it sold off the green investment bank, and this year forced fracking on local communities. This has already caused minor earthquakes in Lancashire.

The Government has also recently cancelled all incentives to get people to buy electric cars.

This is the real green Tory Party.

Let’s get rid of them before they get rid of our planet.

Ged Taylor

via email


Being normal

is a PC crime

What is happening to us normal folk in this country?

There is a sense of madness, of unreal conversations.

No, not Brexit, but a bigger disease: Political Correctness. This is clearly in place in the senior ranks of the police at headquarters level, much to the horror of the real police on the street, few as they are.

It’s in the universities, where common sense has been dispensed with. It’s seeped into the BBC and the Armed Forces at the top.

But, as with so many of these things, it will almost certainly be the few who make a complaint about just about anything.

I have done a self-analysis. The PC brigade will go into a head spin, and I’m afraid I couldn’t care less, but I think many more will feel the same.

I once thought I was a regular person but being born male and white seems to make me racist, whether I like it or not. I am a conservative, which today seems to make me a fascist, which I am not. I am male heterosexual, which seems to make me a homophobe. I am mostly non-union, which seems to make me a class traitor and ally of big business. I saw the damage of unions in the 70s, I don’t want to see it any more.

I think, and check, and reason, and don’t believe a word of the BBC news. That makes me a reactionary.

I am proud of my country and its heritage, that seems to make me a xenophobe. I value my safety and that of my family. I respect the police, so that makes me a right-wing extremist.

I believe in strong defence of my country. I was proud to serve, and I honour those others who did and currently do serve, and that makes me a right-wing militant.

I hasten to add the PC Brigade can level the comments above at me all day long, and be assured I will not trouble a single police officer about it.

All this has developed over the past eight to 10 years.

We should be ashamed of people who try to shame us for being just normal folk, who are getting fed up of losing their right to free speech. It’s this issue that drives much thought underground. There it can fester and become an issue. Always better in the open, unless, of course, you’re politically correct.


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Canal concern

Lancaster Canal users may be concerned to learn that Cuadrilla, the firm fracking at Preston New Road, has applied for the permissible level of earthquakes to rise from 0.5 to 2.0 before they have to pause operations. Whilst a 2 is still small on the surface, it is more significant a mile or two underground, where it may compromise the integrity of the well casings and allow leaks of highly toxic substances into the aquifer.

Of course the earthquakes have already been growing rapidly in size, even with the limited amount of fracking that has taken place in recent weeks. So if Cuadrilla does not have to pause, we may see tremors big enough to affect canal structures and even the canal itself. Fracking also creates a great deal of toxic waste and we are not being informed where it will be taken, or whether it is to be treated. Fracking waste has previously been discharged into the Manchester Ship Canal.

It’s not even as if any of the gas will do us any good. Gas from fracking is not used to heat our homes. But it is used to make more plastic, just at a time when we are trying to reduce the use of plastics that are clogging the waterways and oceans. Cuadrilla has constantly assured us there will be no problems. Should they be allowed to widen the goal posts, and where could this lead?

Frank Sanderson

Friends of Lancaster Canal