Coming together for Sister Act

There’s been some truly weird stuff going down in our house over the past few days.

Up until last week, our daughters have been constantly on the verge of war since they were both still in nappies.

Now all of a sudden, not only are they cooperating, they’re socialising.

Yeah, weird isn’t it?

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On Monday night they went out for dinner together. Yep, on their own, without me and the boss. Down to the local pizza restaurant for an early bird evening meal.

Daughter #1 drove, they ate their tea, put the world to rights and then came home together.

The cynic in me (27 years in journalism and there’s very little else left I’m afraid) thought maybe they’ve found my life insurance statement that arrived in the post last weekend and wanted to discuss how they’ll bump me off, graduate debt-free and put a sizeable deposit down on a house without being overheard by a family member who might stop them.

Then the following night they went to the supermarket together to stock up for Leeds Festival which is on in a couple of weeks. A trolley full of booze, crisps and wet wipes.

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It is strange. A nice strange, but strange nonetheless. All their lives they could be best described as a loose tribe of warring factions, but here they are, talking to each other in restaurants like the grown-ups they are (19 and 17) and helping each other out.

I’m sure there’s an ulterior motive that I’m not seeing but, in the meantime, let’s just enjoy it. It’ll probably be the eye of a storm but if it means they’re not busy eyeing up the other one’s plate to see if it has more on it while being handed their own then I’m chalking this up as a win.

In a few weeks they’ll both be in Liverpool, daughter #1 doing law at uni and daughter #2 in her second year studying acting at LIPA Sixth Form, so they can basically do what they like until the money runs out. So maybe this is a dry run for that.

Or possibly they’re enjoying the short-lived wealth from their summer jobs and can’t be bothered arguing. Who knows? Anyway, answers on a postcard to the usual address...

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