Young hearts run free at five

The five-year-old is ‘in love.’

Friday, 14th February 2020, 11:45 am
Updated Friday, 14th February 2020, 1:30 pm
The look of love at five-years-old

Not quite enough to part himself with his own cash for card and tokens he insisted upon on our weekend hunt for light bulbs.

Twenty minutes later, minus the four 42w bulbs needed for the lounge, the little man was sporting a wide smile, red heart balloon and initial shaped bath bomb in hand for his ‘girlfriend’.

He had scoffed at the suggestion a handmade card might be more appropriate for Year One romances.

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However, I did manage to convince him buying a ‘for wife’ Valentine’s card might be coming across a little strong, giving it is such early days in the relationship.

Taking careful note of his mum’s wisdom he agreed and said he’d get that one “when he’s at college”.

“Do you think she’d like flowers as well?” came next.

She is a lovely girl but Valentine’s Day is one most of us can live without, buying roses for the other woman in his life was not high on the agenda list.

Light bulbs we needed light bulbs.

In fact a more appropriate Valentine’s gift for any future partner would be in teaching him early how to bulk buy essential household items and fit them, preferably only having to be asked once.

Although with exception to the buying bit, I am a dab hand now.

The girlfriend has been a fixture from early in the term, it was after school one day he very proudly took the time to sit me down to declare he had a secret ‘to let me know he was engaged’.

The ‘engagement’ wasn’t so much a proposal, it transpired it had come about through a third party friend but seemingly he was thrilled with the arrangement.

Not so much with the love rival who had tried one lunchtime to poach his sweetheart, revealing, “I told him he couldn’t have her and that ‘X’ could be his girlfriend instead.”

There’s still a lot he needs teaching about the rights of women in 2020.

But at least his values are in the right place, he is very much serious about being a one-woman man, in fact he is quite adamant about their life plans.

For now this crush has captured his heart and the adorable bond has not gone unnoticed with sweet moments swapping notes, cutting out play dough hearts and sitting side-by-side for snack.

In true gentlemanly style he’s kept the kissing at bay for now ‘you’re not allowed to do that it in school’.

Just this once I was happy to share the love for Valentine’s.