Will we stay or will we go - live from Big Brother house

Nicola Adam, Group EditorNicola Adam, Group Editor
Nicola Adam, Group Editor
It's quite something, isn't it - this European Referendum debate? I mean, celebrity wise, obviously.

I’m certainly not going to tell you where to hang your hat vote-wise - that seems to be the job of bumbling politicians and fawning semi-famous sympathisers from both sides of the opinion-ometer.

As I write this, two strange bedfellows are due to have their say in Lancashire.

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Joey Essex of TOWIE fame (it’s a reality TV show and he’s made a career of being nice, but dim) is at Preston station.

Possibly the first time he has ever left Essex and certainly unaware he’s a political pawn alongside Sir Michael Caine and Joan Collins.

And Boris Johnson off the news (it’s a TV show and he’s made a career of..etc), who hasn’t arrived yet, presumably as he is trying to cycle up the M6 on a London Citibike to make his ‘leave’ campaign point.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the land, Prime Minister David Cameron (off politics, it’s a TV show etc..) has a Big Brother houseful of celebs backing the ‘stay’ campaign, including Keira Knightley. Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth - 280 signed a sort of A-Z list letter.

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Plus he’s signed up that Barack bloke from across the pond, who must have a vested interested as his cousin lives in London.

We can’t blame politicians for trying, as interest and understanding of the referendum was at snooze levels and now it’s reached a dull, or should I say dim, roar, as they attempt to prod the screen-fried brains of the X Factor, Facebook-one upmanship, Game of Thrones, Fitbit wearing, generations.(that’s most of us, folks.)

But schmoozing celebs for votes is hardly a new concept.

Tony Blair had his ‘New Labour’ embarrassing celeb lunch with Britpop stars at Number 10.

President Obama invited loads at his (White) house where he chatted up Beyonce, Helen Mirren and people off Glee.

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Even Marilyn Monroe, on screen a dim blonde but in reality far from, was linked with John F Kennedy (both personally and politically).

Maybe blond Boris could stand on draughty Preston Station in a skirt for a ‘Marilyn’ moment.

Now that would go viral on Facebook.

And people would certainly want to ‘leave’..