Why a night away with the girls can do you good

Columnist Hayley Kay writes about spending some much needed me-time with her friends
Hayley Kay (in white) with her friendsHayley Kay (in white) with her friends
Hayley Kay (in white) with her friends

I’m writing this column with a head cold, which means I feel really sorry for myself, I mean, doesn’t everyone?

I should have expected it really; I’ve had a hectic few months.

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The end of last year was spent preparing for a crazy pantomime schedule, followed by two weeks of rehearsal then four weeks performing, plus my son turned three as the panto opened, then the small matter of Christmas and much of January then spent recovering from it all.

I’ve tried so hard to stay well – back in October I had the flu jab, which I do every year, plus I’ve been taking vitamins, eating healthier and getting plenty of early nights.

Then, I decided, I was going to go away with the girls for the weekend, no kids or fellas, just us nine girls in two caravans.

We didn’t go far, we didn’t need to, Lancashire is beautiful and we found a gorgeous place, just a short drive away in Scorton.

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We set up a ‘What’s App’ group then spent the next few weeks getting excited, exchanging messages with the girls about who was bringing what and who was sleeping in whose caravan.

I say girls, but we’re almost all in our forties now and all so very different.

More recently our get-togethers have become centred around our children, which is fine, lots of them are a similar age and it’s lovely watching them play together; but when we’re at a baby shower, kid’s birthday or christening we don’t really talk, we chit chat and cover the basics, but when our children are around, our conversations are frequently interrupted or cut short for a trip to the toilet with a three-year-old.

So when the idea of a girly weekend away was suggested we all jumped at the idea, to just be us, like we used to be.

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Once upon a time, a girly weekend away would have been in a city with great nightlife, we’d have spent ages discussing what we were wearing, where we were going and spent the whole night in our heels with a full face of make-up.

This weekend couldn’t have been more different.

Firstly, we were staying in a caravan in a rural location, so wellies and no heels were the order of the day, some of the girls put a bit of make-up on to go out, not me, and we were all in jeans, jumpers and big coats.

No tottering into a cab after our night out either, it was head torches on and a muddy walk back to the caravan park. That’s me in the white coat.

However, we had the most brilliant time, catching up, talking about all sorts, veganism, politics and other thing ladies talk about when they’re all together.

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I was gutted I missed the second night, but this head cold has got me in its grip.

Anyway, even one night away, just being me, with old friends and laughing until my tummy hurt has done me the world of good.