Who's The Daddy

We are now officially a teen-free household after daughter #2 turned 20 earlier this week. That’s a proper grown-up age when you can go and do whatever you want - and she has.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 12:22 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2022, 12:23 pm
Birthday parties aren't like what they used to be
Birthday parties aren't like what they used to be

While her bedroom at home looks and smells like a rabbit hutch, the student flat she shares with her pal glistens like a shrine. Honestly, moving out has been the making of her.

When they were little, our kids’ birthday parties were often held at ball pools and soft play areas that had that smell about them.

At least one kid would have an “oopsie” that sometimes needed urgent medical attention but could more often than not be cured with a wet paper towel.

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These days parties are slightly more sophisticated and are held in restaurants with a bar and a wine list, like the one in Liverpool daughter #2 chose for a family meal last Sunday.

Somehow, yours truly managed to keep my big trap shut for over three months with her secret present - a pair of Harry Styles tickets for one of his shows next month - that were booked back in January.

The actual tickets haven’t been released yet so daughter #1 was on hand to video her little sister’s reaction when the agency’s confirmation email was pinged to her mobile. It’s fair to say she was as shocked as she was excited.

She was even more thrilled an hour later when, thanks to some expert haggling skills, we got the price on a lovely pair of wireless headphones down to a level so sensible she could actually afford them with her birthday money.

The boss and our kids scuttle off in shame, ashen faced, when I haggle in shops but if you’re nice about it then more often than not it works.

And it did.

The store might not be never knowingly undersold anymore but I am. So there.

The serious partying took place a couple of days later on her actual birthday with a cast of thousands - friends her own age whose idea of “out out” is a bit different to her mum and dad, who like to call it a night around half ten these days.

We were sent pictures and videos on the night and that’s about as close as we want to get to a student party now.

Middle-aged people kid themselves they’re still young, until they’re in the same room as actual young people out on the lash.

Anyway, happy 20th birthday.

It feels like about four months ago I watched you being born.