Storms reveal nation’s resolve

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The popular charge against us Brits is that we are pretty rubbish when it comes to coping with anything resembling extreme weather – we all know the old chestnut about everything coming to a shuddering halt following an afternoon of snow.

During the past few weeks, we have taken our fair share of a battering from Storms Ciara and Dennis. There is a compelling argument to be had as to whether certain areas are too vulnerable to flooding, largely due to lack of funding or inadequate infrastructure. Thankfully, for most of us, the recent appalling weather meant a worst-case scenario of having to go the long way round to work or school so as to avoid pond-like puddles.

But, rather like a wrestling tag team, the two aforementioned storms caused real damage across the country during successive weekends. The storms brought with them tragedy and financial ruin, as well as forcing families from their homes.

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I have nothing but praise for those who are now single-handedly putting their lives back together.

I wouldn’t know where to start, especially given the fact that I was left all at sea after Dennis the Menace relieved me of two fence panels.

Put simply, I am to DIY what Donald Trump is to foreign diplomacy – I am a handyman’s dream. I have not attempted serious domestic tasks since 2010 when I spent the longest of Bank Holidays erecting fence posts. I say fence posts, it was a single post and it took me 11 excruciating hours to bury a couple of feet into the Cheshire earth.

It is this inherent cackhandedness that is at the root of my admiration for people who, despite suffering the worst of luck, are rebuilding their homes and their businesses. Walls will be rebuilt, doors rehung and back gardens restored.

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It is this demonstration of collective resolve that shatters the stereotype that Brits are somehow inferior to those from other nations when it comes to coping with the elements. While our roads, rail network, drains and flood defences may leave a lot to be desired, we step up when it matters. Well, most of us do.