PCW’s Steven Fludder - So all work and no play?

It’s now approaching Supershow 4, my next PCW event.

Friday, 16th May 2014, 4:23 pm
PCW owner Steven Fludder

Things are looking good and the large amount of money I needed to pay for the show is not such a large amount. So with that being said I better work on what is happening!

May 30th & 31st we welcome some huge names of the wrestling world to Preston. As always it will be one of the highlights of the wrestling calendar in the UK.

I am looking forward to actually getting this show out the way then having a nice summer break. I say break but I can’t switch off and the last break I decided we were going to open a PCW Training Academy.

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Speaking of the Academy. We have started the ball rolling to acquire a unit on St Mary’s Street. Its close to the city and with great railway and bus station links it will be an attraction for the city of Preston.

I have had so many people show interest in the academy. It is a great feeling to know I will be helping people chase their dream and it will be more than just one of my get rich quick concepts haha.

So all work and no play? Nope, today (as in Friday 16th May) I am taking Uhaa Nation to the Continental beer festival.

The guy has been in Japan for three months and not really had much to drink over there. Sure ten pints of home brew cider will do him the world of good. Last year I passed out after this same festival so just hoping this year I can go the distance.

As busy as I am you need to find a way to have fun some of the time and this is just what the doctor ordered. Well a doctor wouldn’t order liver damage so it might not be the best use of wording but I am sure you all get what I mean haha.

If you want to join us then come down but I cant promise I will make sense in a conversation.