Now is the time to 'make time' for change

Dan Donohue, of Fitness Formation writes about making time for fitness goals.

Dan Donohue
Dan Donohue

In recent years, I’ve become absorbed by the success stories behind some of the most recognisable brands in the world and how they got to where they are today.

I recently watched The Founder, the story based on the formation on one of the most iconic brands in history, McDonald’s.

Even though it is a fleeting reference among a great film, one of the founding brothers quips that it took them 30 years to become an ‘overnight success’.

One of the things that really stands out amongst the stories that you read about some of these uber successful brands is the relation to time.

Time is something that we will never get back and is something we all take for granted and hugely undervalue.

Hence why the successful value their time above all else and here lies the foundation of this week’s column.

We so often hear that people just haven’t got the time to get to the gym for a workout.

One or two hours a week of their time.

For some, this can carry on into months, never mind weeks and if so, would surely make them busier than the people who run the world’s most powerful nations?

So many people fail to recognise that time is the one thing that gives our lives purpose.

Yes, we get distracted. Yes, we procrastinate.

Yes, we get pulled aside by other peoples priorities but what we really need to do is to focus on our own priorities.

Yes, family emergency’s are going to arise and they can’t be helped nor avoided, but they are few and far between.

Learn to focus on what you want to accomplish and what you want to achieve.

Plan your days and plan your tasks ahead of time.

If we fail to do so, we will fail to progress with the goals we really want to achieve.

Prioritise the things that are important to you including family time and certainly including some time to exercise in some sort of way.

In relation to your exercise, be specific in terms of time and don’t leave it open to do it ‘whenever’.

Whenever will never happen, hence you find you abstain from exercise for weeks or even months on end sometimes because you haven’t prioritised it or attached importance to it.

Develop some structure and watch your days transform.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all wasted time watching movies we’ve seen several times already or binge-watched a box set and then said to ourselves that we’ve wasted our time or we’ve wasted our day.

Instead of this, spend time doing something that is of value to you and is something that will add substance to your day.

That could be exercising, learning and new skill, increasing your knowledge around an interest or your job or volunteering for something you are passionate about.

Spend your time wisely. We’re not all going to be part of the world’s one per cent, but there’s no harm in trying to make our lives better.