New year cleansing

Make up Doctor Rita Parmar writes about her cleansing promise to herkself

Monday, 21st January 2019, 11:27 am

As far as New Years’ resolutions go, I know I’ve made a few but every year I look back and try to work out why some work and others just don’t.

I once decided that my resolution was to go to the gym five days a week, every morning before work.

Did it happen?

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I had another where I decided to write a journal daily, now lets’ see how far I got - eight days, that’s all.

The resolutions I was making were by no stretch difficult tasks, so why couldn’t I do them?

It’s because they were too big, and what I mean by that is they were unrealistic.

If I had said that I would go to the gym twice a week or just once or wrote the journal every Sunday it would have been far more realistic.

Moral of the story: ‘Be Realistic’.

Anyway, I doubt you started reading this to hear about my rubbish resolutions.

So, this one year I could see that my make-up had started to look a little uneven and I wasn’t sure what was causing this, but when I went out it seemed to look amazing and very smooth.

I started to look at what I was doing and immediately realised that I was cleansing thoroughly before I applied it when I went out; what I mean by this is I kept using cotton pads to cleanse until they came out white. This was so that zero dirt from my make-up could alter my application.

In the mornings I wasn’t being this thorough at all, in fact I think I could have used another 3/4 cotton pads, so began the resolution.

I was already cleansing everyday anyway just not ‘properly’ or so that my face was squeaky clean.

It was realistic to make this change and so it began. And this one thing meant all the rest of the layers of my make-up appeared so much smoother.

Moral of the story is ‘Cleanse thoroughly’ – it makes all the difference. Prepare yourself with plenty of cleanser and cotton pads, have them ready in a place that you will use them daily, mine was on my dressing

table and ensure you don’t run out or low.

So instead of thinking too big or making dramatic changes with your makeup, start with the basics as sometimes it’s those things that give you a bigger result and it’s achievable.

It takes 21 days to create a new habit and some consistency, which all my clients agree is the hardest bit, but it doesn’t half make life easier in the long run.