Keeping A-head of the game

Nicola AdamNicola Adam
Nicola Adam
My journey home from work can be a bit hairy.

My journey home from work can be a bit hairy.

I’m not just talking about the joys of the M6 or the final stretch with multiple zebra crossings, none of which pedestrians use, instead dodging blindly in front of my bonnet like lost and soon to be squashed hedgehogs.

Instead, I’m referring to the gloriously prolific hairdressers establishments which grace my route, opening and closing at a speed which means my drive is never dull.

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I have something to keep me joyous as I crawl bumper to bumper with fellow unfortunates, checking out the Sheer Ingenuity of the hair trade with their truly amazing business names.

Part of the fun is wondering how they came up with the names (and mentioned I give here are all real establishments in Lancashire and I’m sure fab at cutting hair..)

Off Yer Head is an easy one as it was definitely dreamed up some friends after a few Cosmopolitans.

But are the ScissorSisterz real siblings set up in business together?

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And is the Hairs and Graces a top location for Sheer Elegance styles?

The most inventive-pun award has to go to the astronomically-inspired Totally Clips, followed up by Deb-N-Hair,Ali Barber or Ben Hair (I wonder who runs those?) and of course the gender inclusive His and Hairs.

For obvious reasons I am drawn to the beautifully named Trim and Tonic .

And I have also noticed many begin with a hint - thanks for that Splitz and Rootz.

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It’s enough to make a girl, erm, go to the hairdresser with Streakers and Strandz triggering a similar thought process.

Presumably the Fringe Benefits of such inventive names mean they do not Curl up and Dye quite as quickly, instead Parting Ways with boring names in a bid to keep A Head of Hair opposition, grabbing them by the Short and Curlies by becoming more Sophisticuts and creating styles To Dye For on the road to becoming MillionHairs from Hair to Eternity.

Others brighten up the street with Hi-de Hi-ghlights if you are Headin Out and hair of the dog for the day after, not forgetting pop star inspo from Hairy Styles .

But is success Toupee or not Toupee?

Customers will have to Go A-head and Mullet Over..

Hairspirational names from Lancashire and beyond..can you contribute more?

Hairy Styles

Hic and Hairs


Strands hair care


Totally Clips

Scissor Trick

Trim and Tonic

Ahead of hair

Hairs and Graces


Hair we go

Off yer head

Headin out

Hairs the place

Ali Barber

Ben Hair

British Hairways

Comb One Comb All

Combing Attractions

Crop Shop

Curl up and Dye


Directors Cut

Dye Hard

Fringe Benefits

From Hair to Eternity

Hair Apparent

Hair Port

Hair there and Everywhere





Hairway to Heaven

Have it Off

Head Masters

Hi di Hi-lites

His and Hairs

Julius Scissor

Lorra Lacqa


Mullet Over

Parting Ways

Scissors Palace

Short and Curlies


Talking Heads

The Locks Smith

To Dye For

Toupee or not Toupee

To Trim or Not to Trim

The Merry Waves of Windsor

Live and Let Dye

All the World’s a Salon

Much a Do For Almost Nothing

Off With His Hair!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Get Thee to a Blow Dryer

Short Shrift

A Midsummer Night’s Dreads

Snip Dogg

Rap Unzels

Ready to Dye

Hair Rap II

Hair ‘n the Hood

Flo Cutters

Crisp Edge

The Scissor’s Edge

By the Blade

Tangle Fighters

With a Little Help From Your Barber

Cut It Again, Sam

Gotta Get Ya Into My Chair

Hair, Here, and Everywhere

Hair and Other Stuff

Comb Together

Hairbreak Hotel

Whole Lotta Styling Goin’ On

We Can Straighten It Out

Love My ‘Do

The Long and Winding Extension

Hair City

Nearer My Shears to Thee

Hair State of Mind

Shut Up and Style Me

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