Karen Wright: Home from home during French adventure

​I am almost a full week into my month-long motorhome trip in Europe. So far, we have stayed close to Fontainebleau for one night, two nights in Burgundy and two nights in the Ardeche area in France.
Karen enjoying some food and wine in her motorhomeKaren enjoying some food and wine in her motorhome
Karen enjoying some food and wine in her motorhome

​These are all places we have been to before and I was keen to revisit and capture some more memories to add to my collection.

Fontainebleau is just south of Paris, and we had the usual wacky races to contend with to circumnavigate the city. We did it and were happy to find our campsite and settle down for the afternoon and the evening. I had made a promise to myself that I would swim every day on this trip as sometimes I have not always made the most of the facilities on offer on holiday. I got into my costume and headed to the pool. It was deserted - I had the pool to myself, what a treat that was!

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I am making a meal a day from my own recipe collection and that evening I made a simple bowl of French onion soup and ate it with crusty bread and cheese. I chose this recipe as historically the kings of France used to eat it after a day's hunting in the forest of Fontainebleau, so if it is fit for a king it is fit for a Karen!

The next days we headed to Burgundy and my all-time favourite site. John and I spent a summer season on this site working as reps back in the day and I was keen to see how it looks after all these years. Guess what? It is the same! I made two Burgundian meals, the first night we had Coq au Vin and the second we had Mushroom Bourguignon, both scrumptious.

We moved on to the Ardèche. This is a region with the river Ardèche running through a deep and beautiful gorge. We came here many years ago and loved it. We had a massive thunderstorm just after we arrived which found us trapped in the bar, what a shame that was! The meals I made on this site were Ardèche Bombine, which is a vegetable and bacon casserole, and the second day was ratatouille which I served with BBQ burgers and sausages.

We are travelling in a Bailey of Bristol Adamo motorhome and all the sites we are staying at I booked through the Caravan and Motorhome European brochure, so I have the reassurance of good quality campsites and so far everywhere has been great. Next up we move to Provence and then into Italy.