I'm saying yes to everything

My January pledge to say yes to everything and not be such a scaredy cat is reaping awards.
Tough Mudder eventTough Mudder event
Tough Mudder event

That is, if you count signing up for a physically challenging event highly unsuitable for a largely desk-bound office worker with a bad back, an inability to say no to cake, a gin habit and who considers leaving the sofa to make a cup of tea as a day’s exercise.

January determination is all very well but I suspect that by September I may regret paying the price of a decent pair of shoes to scamper 10 miles in a ridiculously muddy and worm-heavy race beset by obstacles designed by those charming taskmasters who decide who is tough enough to get in the army.

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Having previously pledged to retire from madcap physical challenges, my mind has been changed by my expanding waistline and the realisation that if I don’t sign up for something - anything - to give myself a deadline,

I will have to wave farewell to every single item of clothing in my wardrobe. Also, September is really far away.

This physical challenge, which has a fairly slim chance of success currently as I have not run anywhere for more than two years, will hopefully kickstart my motivation which is lagging - largely due to the end of January blues when all the Christmas chocolates have run out and the tempting arrival of multiple new Netflix box sets.

I common with, I’m sure, most people, it is not the only challenge I have set myself this year.

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Most have already been relegated to the bin as they involved giving up hard-to-resist foodstuffs and pledges to organise things which currently remain cosily tucked up in the chaotic confines of my drawers and cupboards, escaping the inelegant trip to the charity shop for another day/year.

My pledge to cut spending and save money did not make it past the January sales and I now know all the nice delivery drivers responsible for expediating the journey of my reckless one-click purchases by name.

But I have managed to sign up for the Tough Mudder event and feel slightly smug - to have one resolution ticked off - in theory - so watch this space.

I’m a journalist with a deadline to hit so I can muddy do it, right?

Just say yes...

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