Here is how the sporting greats such as Federer and Hamilton can inspire us

Columnist Dan Donohue, of Fitness Formation, writes about chasing excellence.

By Natalie Walker
Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 2:43 pm
Roger Federer
Roger Federer

I don’t know about you, but I feel incredibly inspired watching the greats become even greater, regardless of the fact they may not play for a team I follow or are part of a sport that I participate in: watching athletes like Roger Federer continue to collect grand slam titles; seeing Lewis Hamilton sweeping all before him in Formula 1; witnessing a dynasty such as the New England Patriots write another chapter into their esteemed history by winning yet another Superbowl only weeks ago.

And here lies the subject of this weeks column, chasing excellence.

Within the ranks of the Patriots is a player I’ve written about before who has firmly placed himself at the top of the greatest players of all time by collecting his sixth world championship ring – Tom Brady.

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Dan Donohue

In the week leading up to the big game, he was asked the question of retirement for the umpteenth time and the interviewer was met with a familiar response that he’s not even near finished yet.

But what makes the greatest continue to strive for an even higher mantle?

Let’s have a look in this week’s column.

Brady is 41 years old and was drafted by the Patriots in 2000, yet he’s front and centre 19 years later at any team meeting taking notes like it’s his first day as a rookie.

His work ethic and the example he sets for those around him are the same attributes he looked to others to display 19 years ago. He’s a leader regardless of whether they are on the field or in the team hotel.

Look to those who inspire you and learn from the way they go about their daily business.

After all, it’s daily habits that shape the people we are whether we are talking about nutrition, exercise or the way we think.

With Brady, there is no ego. He’s the seventeenth highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

Not just player, but quarterback.

This is a staggering statistic considering he’s the best who’s ever played the game, yet he’s willing to sacrifice a large sum of his salary in order to allow the team to recruit better players by freeing up room in their restricted salary cap.

Work hard, do the right things and, above all else, stay humble at all times and realise that the bigger picture is more important than yourself.

As good as he is, the team’s long standing success doesn’t come down to just Brady himself. He builds relationships with others who can help him and the team to become better.

Those people, such as the offensive coaches, head coach and team mates are better than he is at what they specialise in and he works extremely hard to nourish those bonds by building trust, which shows on the field of play.

Build trust with others to bring out the best in each other, whether that be in the office, in your sport of choice or anywhere else where teamwork makes the dream work.