Here is how to achieve the fitness and nutrition goals you set

Dan Donohue, of Fitness Formation, writes about working hard to achieve your goals

Saturday, 13th April 2019, 1:45 pm
Dan Donohue

We are fast approaching our sixth year in business and as we head towards the end of another year of evolution, we look toward the next.

As a business and as individual members of our team, we are constantly trying to make ourselves and our business better.

Improved systems, better standards of coaching, investing in new equipment and continuous learning are just a few of the things that we are consistently working at.

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And here lies the subject of this week’s column and how will we achieve the success we so desperately crave.

Now, all of the following factors can contribute to all areas of our life in terms of our fitness, our nutrition, our mental health and our personal life.

We can implement them into any element of our lifestyle.

Thomas A Edison once said: ‘There is no substitute for hard work’ and through the years, that has rung truer than ever.

If we want to achieve a certain aesthetic look, we need to work hard on all aspects of our fitness and nutrition. If we want to move better, we need to push ourselves through learning new patterns, even when they feel incredibly difficult and unnatural to begin with.

Embedded into the grain of every person who has achieved success, there are countless stories of blood, sweat and tears.

Be positive, work hard and get to it.

Consistency is the continuous practice and application of habits.

If we want to achieve a certain body fat percentage or get to a certain scale weight, we need to continually and habitually consume a diet that allows us to do so.

That means incredible amounts of will power, passion and a willingness to persevere when giving up seems like the better and more accessible option.

If we want to get stronger in the gym, we need to progressively lift heavier but we can only do that with a consistent programme with a high level of adherence.

Consistency requires commitment, so strive for the highest of heights and live and breath it.

Motivation often comes and goes in fleeting moments and when a new day begins, that motivation you had the day before can often fade.

The key is to start in a positive mindset and stay in it as much as humanly possible.

Start that exact day, rather than waiting for a new one to begin.

If you’re fed up of being overweight, don’t wait to begin.

Instead, start right now at this very point.

If you want to learn a new skill, start today.

Everyone who inspires you took a long time and took some grief along the way to get where they are whether they are someone in fitness, nutrition, mindset, sport or business.

Whatever it is, they moved through the difficult periods and stayed positive along the way.

Act with intention, be specific, do it with purpose and set a clear outlook on what you want to achieve.

Make the time you have count and good luck.