Help spread a little ray of kindness

The sunflowers in the family growing competition saw some much needed rain and there will be some sort of progress report and current placings during tonight’s latest quiz instalment,  This week sees a return to Cheshire hosts.
Competition is growing fast in the family sunflower championship 2020Competition is growing fast in the family sunflower championship 2020
Competition is growing fast in the family sunflower championship 2020

Conversations from sunflowers to DIY haircuts dominate the group conversations as we approach day 50 of lockdown, all of us counting down the days to the ‘next get together’ that has become a highlight in the week.

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But it makes us all smile -well my cousin’s ‘Arthur Shelby’ mop certainly did.

The rest of catch ups with various family and friends over the past seven days mostly took place in the refuge of the downstairs bathroom/cloakroom, which appears to now be the only unoccupied living/schooling/working space.

Strange sort of sanctuary but one I’m grateful of for those five, maybe 10 minutes. This week for no particular reason has felt hard.

The topic of ‘who is having it hardest’ is one that seems it is best to avoid.

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Particularly on Twitter, which for my own well being I’m stepping away from.

Even more so as discussion now seems to be that this way of life, looks very well likely to be extended again beyond the next May 7 ‘checkpoint’

It’s impossible to label or categorise ‘who is suffering most’ - loneliness is something people can encounter in company or not and at any time.

Not to mention all of the personal circumstances each of us individually face from missed life saving treatments or operations to stranded family members or full time carers with no respite to those who carry their battles quietly.

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Our own daily actions and behaviours have effect on others and I know which camp I want to be in on the other side of this.

‘Checking in’ really can make all the difference.

It was findings in a study by researchers at Oxford University which suggested ‘friendship was better than morphine’ in treating pain.

The endorphins released from a social interaction can, in effect, be more powerful than painkillers.

There has never been a better time to make sure you’re being a friend to someone, from your close family members, acquaintances and colleagues, not least for how it feels in return.

Look no further than a certain centenarian to see how wonderful things can happen just from little steps of kindness.

Be a sunflower in someone’s day.

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