Blaise Tapp: Turning my back on skinny to enjoy a glass of proper milk

One of the biggest challenges of being on a health kick is that you, pretty much, have to give up eating the tastiest of foods.
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Anything fried or covered in batter is strictly off limits to anyone who is serious about losing the love handles and if sausages or black puddings are your thing then you really are in for a grim time.

Personally, the one thing that I have struggled with over the past six months of food purgatory is having to pour skimmed 'milk' over my daily bowl of Weetabix. I would question whether it is actually milk due to its distinct lack of taste and the fact it resembles the contents of the bath after a particularly long soak. Putting it in my posh coffee each morning feels like I am committing a crime against those who worked so hard to get it to my kitchen. I feel like a right Charlie each time I ask for a skinny latte whenever I venture out. But, proper milk - the stuff that comes with a blue top, or if you are traditionalist and get it delivered to your door, silver top, is the preserve of old folk or people who have six sugars in their cuppa. Isn't it? According to industry sales data, it appears that growing numbers of shoppers are swapping the green and dreaded red lids for whole milk.

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It appears that the rise in popularity of 'real' milk is largely down to a growing number of shoppers wanting to move away from processed food and drink to more natural products. There is also a growing view among experts that glugging blue top milk is ok if done in moderation, which is a good rule for life in general.This change in consumer habits is vindication for both my parents' and grandparents' generations who were always suspicious of anything branded as a healthy option.In my youth, I lodged on a dairy farm, where I was endlessly badgered by the farmer to try his produce straight from the udder - 'it's never done me any harm' he would cry. It wasn't particularly appealing back in the late '90s but these days fresh is seen as best once again.

With the novelty of virtuous consumption beginning to wear off, I am this close to turning my back on anything considered skinny in favour of full bodies, full fat food and drink.

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