Admit it, we're all jealous

I suspect we're all green with jealousy.

Friday, 1st December 2017, 6:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:55 pm
Meghan and Harry on their first official engagement on Friday

After all, Meghan Markle, the newest Princess on the block is smashing child goals and then some.

If you can honestly tell me that as a youngster you didn’t at some point (be honest) dream of screen stardom or celebrity, changing the world one humanitarian challenge at a time, marrying a handsome prince or princess, breaking through boundaries of race and assumption, getting married,being rich, or even simply having model-girl looks and long glossy hair, then you are probably not being honest with yourself.

OK, there are a few goals Meghan has not achieved - after all she has little time left to be a surgeon, an airline pilot and we have yet to have a transgender member of the royal family.

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But the very fact that a girl from a foreign country, a blended and sometimes troubled family, with one unsuccessful marriage behind her, can snag the most eligible prince on the block and embrace a future of making a difference means anything is possible.

Glass ceilings, prejudices, assumptions, privilege have all come smashing down after one simple engagement between a couple while cooking a roast chicken.

Even the popping of the question was relatable, even if the expensive ring was not.

Now that is progress.

Pink, princesses and privilege are no longer the goals we want to set our children, particularly young girls.

After all, nobody wants girls to be less than they can be.

She may be about to become royal, but what Meghan has made of her life is entirely inspirational and proves that change is possible.

Certainly her achievements are not everybody’s cup of tea and neither is the royal family.

But while they remain so influential to so many of us, their changing face is a breath of fresh air and will show us regular folk that barriers are breaking down.

We are, after all, just people - it’s our decisions and aspirations that influence the course of our lives, not our glossy hair or otherwise.

Welcome to England, Meghan.