Can the Tories ever recover?

The Conservative Party has never in its history been in such a state of turmoil and civil war as is the case today over Brexit.

The question is now legitimately being asked whether it can ever recover fully from the horrendous political damage it is inflicting on itself. People do not vote for parties which are scratching their own eyes out.

Jo Johnson, the hitherto orderly Transport Minister, has become the seventh member of the Government to resign over Brexit. Unlike his brother, Boris, Jo is a Remainer and has said that he is not out to remove the Prime Minister, but simply to change the policy.

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If Johnson thinks the voters are fooled by that statement, he is a fool himself. He must know that every political missile hurled at the Prime Minister weakens her position, possibly to the point where she will topple over the edge.

These people say they are putting the good of the nation above that of party. Yet they warn that a Jeremy Corbyn Government would be a disaster for Britain. Why then are they helping Corbyn and his henchmen on towards their goal of 10 Downing Street? If they continue in this way, they will soon find out they’ve transformed the Conservative Party into a broken down old horse, ready for the knackers’ yard. They have been warned...

- The Commons Speaker, John Bercow, must have the hide of a rhinoceros. I have never known anyone with so thick a skin. He seems impervious to the barrage of criticism which continues on a daily basis to come his way, including allegations of favourites and non-favourites among MPs, accusations that he is pro-Labour in his dealings with the House, and that he is not always as impartial on some political issues as his job demands.

On top of all that, he refuses to wear the robes which his predecessors have worn down the centuries.

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Having already outstayed the period, he originally said he would remain Speaker. He has still shown no sign of budging, sticking to his Chair like a barnacle. So, why do MPs continue to tolerate this man, whom some have already described as the worst Speaker in history?