Cameron to blame for shambles

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Ever since the expenses scandal, there’s been this nagging feeling that our politicians were a feckless bunch of self-serving careerists.

And the Brexit shambles has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that we were right.

While it’s been a hoot watching Parliament wrestle with its own uselessness and the Conservative Party rip itself to pieces, the can has been kicked down the road long enough and it’s time to get serious. This is people’s lives we’re dealing with here.

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The thing is though, where are all the grown-ups? Theresa May has been Prime Minister in name only ever since she called a snap election two years ago that nobody but her wanted, ran the worst campaign in living memory, saw a 20-point lead and her majority evaporate in a month and had to get down on her knees and beg (bribe with a billion quid) the DUP to prop her up - which they didn’t.

The old schoolma’am act has worn pretty thin and the sight of her flogging her dead horse of a withdrawal bill through Parliament three times has been pathetic.

Is she the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever seen? It’s hard to tell, especially with the lightweights jockeying for position for her job.

So what’s next? Don’t ask me. The trouble with writing about Brexit for a newspaper is that by the time it goes to print, events have overtaken it so quickly that it’s about as relevant as the paper wrapped around your fish and chips.

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But Theresa May’s not totally to blame for this circus. David Cameron is. He was the one chasing UKIP votes in the 2015 election and saw an EU referendum as a way of doing some housekeeping in the Tory party, watched it blow up in his face, did a flit the very next day and left everyone else to clean up his mess.

SOUTH AMERICA UPDATE: Daughter #1 had the right idea, swan off to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia for three months until it all blows over. This week our explorers have been to Machu Picchu, one of the actual Seven Wonders of the World. So impressive that it managed to impress two very hard-to-impress teenage backpackers.