Brexit and Trump turmoil continues ...

The world of politics is in turmoil.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 8:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:21 am
1995 library filer of Chris Moncrieff. Photo by Peter Smith/PA

People all over the globe are waiting with tremulous anxiety the accession of Donald Trump into the White House on January 20. Nor is this anxiety alleviated by the names of some of the people Trump is naming for his presidential team.

The odd one is Mitt Romney, who was a Republican opponent of Trump’s during the presidential campaign.

Romney, during that battle, accused Trump of being a fraud and a fake. But now, astonishingly, all appears to be sweetness and light between the two men, with Trump thus demonstrating how thick-skinned he is.

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Romney, at the time of writing, appears to be a contender for the most important White House job below the President, that of Secretary of State.

He is a known harsh critic of Russia, so we can expect some sparks there, if Trump does appoint him.

Meanwhile, over here, the EU Remainers will just not let up. They are exploiting every trick in the book – and more – to demonstrate the invalidity of the referendum on June 23.

If they think that now, why did they agree to take part in it? These people, including a fair number of Tories, are going to provide Theresa May with a painful headache in the months to come.

- There has been the familiar outcry of protest about the decision to spend £369m on preventing Buckingham Palace from falling to bits. It has not reached that stage yet, but will eventually do so, unless, as in the case of the Palace of Westminster, something is urgently done to correct its many structural weaknesses.

I agree. We should not allow our old and traditionally unique buildings to fall into disrepair.

We enjoy a monarchy and Buckingham Palace is the focus of that.

It is where the people look to see their Monarch and her family on the balcony during times of great moment in our history.

We cannot allow that to be thrown away.

Every penny spent on this great symbol of British freedom will be well spent. None of it should be begrudged.