Being the bigger person can be a weighty topic

Aasma Day - new headshot pixAasma Day - new headshot pix
Aasma Day - new headshot pix
Being the bigger person will make you a better person in the long run, according to the saying.

Well I’m certainly a bigger person than I was a fortnight ago – but sadly not in the sense of showing self restraint or walking away.

We’ve recently returned from a relaxing family holiday in the Dominican Republic, although thankfully we arrived home just before Hurricane Irma battered the Caribbean.

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The only damage we’ve sustained is to our waistlines after two weeks of indulgence in all-inclusive food and drink.

The chilled, laid back and carefree Caribbean way of life made for a restful and recharging break.

But a combination of lounging around in the sunshine and enjoying copious amounts of fabulous food and drinks resulted in excess baggage.

Hubby and I were both dismayed on returning home – and not just because we swapped the glorious blue Caribbean skies for miserable rain and bleakness.

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We were aghast to discover we’d both put on around half a stone. In a FORTNIGHT! Can you imagine how huge we’d be if we lived out there?

While we ate and drank plentifully during our holiday, we didn’t gorge ourselves silly like some people judging by the mountainous plates we saw.

In comparison, our weight gain seems a tad unfair. I blame the breakfast omelettes, the cream laden cocktails and the sedentary sun lounger lifestyle.

Still, it could have been worse as some diet experts say Brits on all-inclusive holidays can put on up to a stone by eating around 1,500 calories extra a day trying to get their monies worth.

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Often, the weight comes off again after returning home – and that’s what I’m hoping will happen for me as when you’re on holiday, your eating habits are usually very different.

On holiday, I love a daily cooked breakfast while at home, I’m lucky to grab a piece of toast. Then on holiday, there’s the excuse of trying different and exotic foods as well as desserts, the sweet and slushy drinks and the alcohol.

But not all my holiday consumption was naughty as I ate huge amounts of fruit as the Dominican Republic had some of the best fruit I’ve ever had including ripe and juicy mangoes, fresh pineapple, watermelon, papaya and guavas.

The scary thing is how easy and effortless it is to put weight on. But when it comes to shifting it, you need a lot of hard work, commitment and willpower.

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I’ve always been envious of film stars who get told to put on weight for an upcoming role.

Renee Zellweger put on 30lbs to play Bridget Jones and Robert De Niro gained 60lb for Raging Bull.

Just think how much fun it must be to try to put on weight – and all in the name of work.

However, these actors and actresses must work hard to lose the weight as they seem to quickly regain their svlete and streamlined figures.

Holidays are supposed to be a fun time so there’s no point stressing over a bit of weight gain.

And at least that extra layer of fat will help keep you warmer when you return to colder climes!