Anarchy in the UK is coming sometime soon

LEP Columnist Barry FreemanLEP Columnist Barry Freeman
LEP Columnist Barry Freeman
Scotland is gone, forget about it. A second referendum will be along in due course and, God willing, the Scots will not make the same mistake twice.

Or maybe they’ll just sit there and accept having an unambiguous (62-38) vote to remain a member of the European Union thrown back in their face by a coalition of well-off rural English Baby Boomers, ignorant bigots and neoliberal Conservatives.

Who knows? My advice? Run, Scotland, run. Save yourselves.

Wales won’t be going anywhere mind. A net beneficiary of EU funding, they voted narrowly to pass that burden to Westminster and who knows, maybe this vital cash will continue to flow into the valleys.

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Or maybe not. My bet would be not. Why should it? Why would English voters who threw their weight behind the economic far right which drove the Leave campaign happily subsidise the unviable Welsh?

They’ve ‘taken back control’.

Ireland is something else again, the dangers of a different order, and so plain for all to see it is chilling to wonder how many people on the mainland blithely voted to bring them into being.

Here a comfortable (56-44) vote to stay in the European Union split broadly along sectarian lines, as had been predicted, and it came as no surprise first thing Friday when Sinn Fein announced their intent to push for a referendum on a united Ireland.


Anyone with any understanding of the Emerald Isle knows quite well the freedom of movement North to South and vice versa has been instrumental in helping keep the peace, certainly in taking the heat out of Republican demands for re-unification.

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The strict border controls which must now ensue are sure to infuriate Nationalists the length of the island, and it is hard to see, politically, how a referendum can be avoided.

This said, of course, any move to either grant OR deny such a vote is certain to excite tensions on either side. In summary, we are left crossing fingers, hoping everyone stays around the table, jaw-jaw not war-war.

Optimists only need apply to this school of thought.

Still, we got sovereignty now, eh? There’s that. And all the straight banana stuff.