A fresh start

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Our old journey ends and our new adventure begins, who we were and the person we are now continues to grow as we evolve. Let's explore our trips, reminiscing and remembering how we got here.

Another year has passed. Full of anxiety, depression, excitement and anticipation, we experienced it all. At those moments, of course we did not think too much about them. When we were lucky, Time's flight flew us in first class; where we enjoyed space, champagne lattes, chocolate gateau and brief episodes of pleasure.

Others we sometimes sat economy, all in the same repeated routine; work, eat sleep repeat like zombies and maybe, just maybe our budget stretched to a few days out to escape the mundane.

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Regrettably we also suffered hard times stuck, crouched in the cargo compartment being moved like luggage with little to no control over our lives. It is there we experienced the worst, loud echoing noises encapsulated our situations; bumping bags bruising us as they invaded our personal space.

A Bright New Day. Photo: Michael BrenwickA Bright New Day. Photo: Michael Brenwick
A Bright New Day. Photo: Michael Brenwick

At December's appearance, that comfortable and turbulent trip finally began to settle and landed braking on New Year's Day.

The build up to the New Year was nerving and sad to many of us, amazing too, that warm loving feeling as we lived in that Christmas bubble. The calm and steadily landing felt remarkable. The end of the season's celebrations, its break from work and popping that moment of rejuvenation with the big bang of a New Year's party, like the creation of our universe, a fresh time began. A new flight we would soon enter its terminal.

With its popping though, it can be a regretful time when reality ambushes us with its worries and craziness as they flank all sides. Fighter jets waiting on the wind. The children are mostly not looking forward to going back to school and many of us adults are reluctant for the inevitable first days back at work, worst of all the financial pressure returns a little too eagerly.

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It is certainly not all negative, the itch to see our friends, excitement to tell them all at lengths about our festivities, our beloved instants, laughs, cries and erms... The busy morning routines of waking up early, something many of us has been pushing the snooze button on self-control recently and dragging the children out of bed to prepare them for everything the day has in store.

On New Year's Eve, we reminisced about everything we had accomplished throughout the year, highs and lows. For those of us who had suffered terrible experiences, loss and hardships, then we just celebrated its end grateful of its passing. For some Two Thousand and Twenty Three was just not our year and departing that plane felt exhilarating.

Entering terminal Two Thousand and Twenty-Four however is a new journey. Life, love and positive opportunities are waiting for our grasp. Anticipating our arrival over their thresholds and the captain is telling us over the speaker

"This is a new adventure, filled with new chances, so grab hold of your armrests because you deserve to thrive, to be loved and to be appreciated".

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Whether we are looking to improve our career paths by following them changing them or paving our own ways. There are prospective departures for all of us, they are just difficult to achieve and if we fail and fall.

Why not try again?

Learn from those failures.

Life is hard and its pressures immense, crippling even. With that said assistance is out there, be that family and friends for support or professionals for advice. If your goal is to get fitter, be that losing weight, gaining muscle or staying the perfect you just improving your health. Our steward and stewardesses are there to assist positively.

Our goals are different, but we are the same, loving people who want to be loved and respected. A close-knit community of nature lovers, our Lancashire souls grow together, while apart. When we need help, we lean on each other to get us through the hard times and laugh ova a cuppa when we need a friend.

Tomorrow's world is today's and while our minds can linger in the past, we live in the present. In the same way, parents fuss over their children, students anguish over their deadlines and couples worry they may never be able to afford a mortgage.

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Our efforts may be small and progress appears slow, but the growth they show quickly goes. Like rockets entering the beyond, these are the times we shine the brightest. A year can pass by very fast, let us make 2024 a great one!

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