A double dose of the lurgy

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Being ill is no fun whatsoever.

All through Christmas, New Year and the whole of January, daughter #2 had that strain of Aussie flu which almost brought the NHS to its knees. Infection after infection left her deaf in one ear and, during a trip to see a GP, she had a good look and told us it was caused by a build-up of gunk behind the ear drum which would go away in time with ibuprofen and a head over a steaming bowl.

Not wanting to feel left out, daughter #1 came home from her part-time job on Wednesday night complaining of a sore throat and exhaustion. She took to her bed and didn’t get out of it for days, and when someone who enjoys such rude health as she does can’t get up, you start to worry. A thorough examination by a nurse resulted in a course of antibiotics but after three days, her condition was getting worse.

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Friends and family in the nursing profession queried quinsy, which sounds like a spoilt Victorian child or something Jacob Rees-Mogg might call one of his kids, but is so foul that even this column wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. So, thanks to their advice, we called the NHS helpline service who told us to get down to A&E ASAP where the wonderful staff examined her, took bloods, ruled out quinsy and glandular fever and told us it was tonsillitis – painful but would get better.

The thing is, daughter #1 isn’t exactly a patient patient. Ratty, argumentative, surly, aggressive, petulant and ready to fight when things aren’t going her way; can’t think who she takes after… The good news is, I suppose, if petty grumbling levels have reached pre-illness levels then she must be on the mend.

Her sixth form has been very helpful, what with potentially life-changing A level exams looming, and has arranged for all missed work to be emailed so she can catch up in half term.

At the time of writing, she’s still ill and hasn’t reached the glorious convalescence stage when you can feel your strength returning but still have enough leverage to request some mashed up boiled egg in a cup to be brought to your room while you watch Netflix.

Won’t be long though.