2017 '“ an extraordinary year

Lots of us told anybody who would listen how pleased we were to see the end of a year that brought us Brexit, Trump and saw the demise of some of the best loved names in entertainment and sport.

It was, we were told, a year so extraordinary that would not be repeated. We were wrong. 2017 has been a year which will fascinate the historians of the future.

The devastating terror attacks in London and Manchester, along with the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, were life-altering for so many although whether or not we learn from these lessons remains to be seen.

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Politics has always been an unpredictable game but experts would have been forgiven if they had decided to throw in the towel during 2017, the year which saw Theresa May go from the Iron Lady Mk II to Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques.

We also saw the summer of the ‘youthquake’, which brought a bewildered looking 60-something career politician to the cusp of the highest office in the land. It remains to be seen whether Jeremy Corbyn will become our Prime Minister in the next few years,but the fact it is considered even a possibility, demonstrates what an incredible year this has been.

Then there is the madness that is the Trump presidency, which has become the most addictive over-the-top American drama since Dallas. It is a fair bet that 2017 will also be remembered for the earthquake that followed the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Once the allegations against one of the most powerful men in showbusiness became public knowledge, it led to women feeling able to talk about the abuse they had suffered at the hands of others. The #MeToo happening was one of the most talked about social media events and will go a long way to ensure that sexual assault masquerading as banter will be called out in future. It is my hope that my kids will look back on this period in history and shake their heads in disbelief at the current lack of respect that so many people currently have for fellow man (and woman). It is one of the lessons I really hope we take from 2017.

I suspect we are in for an equally eventful 2018.