One in ten men secretly hate their wife's cooking

There could be anything in there..There could be anything in there..
There could be anything in there..
One in ten men secretly HATE their wife's cooking, according to new research.

Researchers polled British couples and found as many as 20 percent think their other half is a terrible cook with a further 60 percent saying that they are frequently dished up meals they would describe as hugely disappointing.

According to the poll, almost a quarter (22 percent of women) said their husband or partner is a shocking cook, while more than one in ten men complained that their wife or partner's meals were simply not up to scratch.

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But in a typically British fashion, most of us are too polite to complain, with over half of women (52 percent) putting on a brace face night after night - and 58 percent of men keeping their dislike of their other half's dishes on the down low.

Overall, a quarter of those polled (27 percent) said their partner is so delusional when it comes to his or her cooking skills - they even fancy themselves as a contestant on Masterchef or the Great British Bake Off.

The survey of 2,000 British couples, to mark the launch of HelloFresh's first cookbook, Recipes That Work, found 37 percent of home cooks have a "signature dish" that is only loved by them.

One respondent complained about his wife's 'mackerel carbonara' which is wheeled out for special occasions, while another respondent moaned about her husband's 'pork and peaches' which makes a weekly appearance, much to the distress of all others present.

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But according to the poll, the recipes that are most likely to let us down are dodgy curries, bad roasts and sloppy lasagnes.

As many as 86 percent of those that took part in the survey said their family could do with some more meals added to their current repertoire - and three quarters said they wish they could serve up more interesting dishes.

Getting bored of the same meals week in and week out was also a bugbear for 80 percent of adults surveyed.

Claire Davenport, CEO of the UK's leading recipe box delivery service, HelloFresh, said: "It comes as no surprise that a quarter of respondents would prefer if their partner followed a recipe than invented a quirky dish off the top of their head. Our debut cookbook gives those who are looking to cook adventurous meals a chance to get it right. All the recipes in the book have been tried and tested by thousands of our customers and are proven to be the most loved and successful, helping avoid disappointment at dinner time.

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"Our recipe boxes deliver all the fresh ingredients for delicious recipes straight to customers' doors, making sure dinner is always something to look forward to."

37 percent of those polled saying they always eat their partner's creations, no matter how bad they taste.

And "disaster dishes" are in fact source of amusement for the whole family according to 36 percent of respondents.