Nostalgia: Wellfield School in Leyland was full of discos and tuck shop madness

Going to school was so much fun for Julie Ginger. The 51-year-old attended Wellfield High School in Leyland for five years from 1978 and admitted she enjoyed the social aspect, rather than the academic side.

Monday, 23rd July 2018, 11:39 am
Updated Monday, 23rd July 2018, 12:47 pm
Wellfield High School 1978/9. Julie Ginger is second from bottom row second one on the left side next to library teacher Miss OMalley. Mrs Baybutt, home economics teacher, is on the right

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The mother-of-three says: “I didn’t realise how much fun it was until I left.

“I was a middle grade student and was more interested in socialising.

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Wellfield High School 1982/3. Julie Ginger is second line top second left

“I buckled down later on and became a clinical nurse.

“I had a good relationship with the teachers.

“We had a great history teacher – Mr Janes – who was good at looking after our health and wellbeing.

“He was my favourite teacher and as a result I really enjoyed history.

“Mr Howell was our headteacher and I remember he used to bring his dog under the desk.

“Mr Hough and Mrs Worthington were the deputies.

“We didn’t dare step out of line and feared the staff.

“The cane was used in those days.”

Julie, who has returned to Leyland after eight years in Perth, Australia, adds her favourite moments at school were the social room, tuck shop and lunchtime discos.

She says: “In the fifth year, we had a social room with a pool table, which was great.

“I remember the school discos at lunchtime. We paid 2p to go in and we had music and the lights were off.

“We also had a tuck shop which everybody loved.

“I worked there for a bit which I really enjoyed.

“It was the days before healthy eating at schools was introduced so we had plenty of chocolate.

“The bike shed was where everybody hung out at break time.”

Wellfield High School was full of members of the Ginger family, as Julie has three brothers and one sister who all attended.

She adds: “At one time we had a member of our family in the second year, third year, fourth year and fifth.

“We all did well there and all got good qualifications later. ”

Julie, who has travelled around India and Europe, adds the photograph at the top of the page was taken in her first year in 1978/9.

She recalls: “Where we had the photo taken was where the new sports hall can now be found. I went round the school recently 
as I was looking for my daughter.

“It has changed a bit but still brought back memories.”