Nostalgia: Children had fun playing in the streets in Leyland

After the Second World War, children really appreciated the freedom to play outside.

Walking Day in Boundary Street, Leyland in 1954
Walking Day in Boundary Street, Leyland in 1954

Reader Ian Sharrock has shared this photo of residents in Boundary Street, Leyland, enjoying Walking Day, in 1953/54.

Ian, now 69, who lives in Euxton, says: “I found this photo in the attic. My mum or my dad took it when we lived in Boundary Street. My aunt and uncle, Hilda and Albert Hosker, lived next door with my two cousins, Joan and Margaret.

“After the war the streets were full of children playing. I think every house had at least one child. It was a great place to play.

“We were all of similar age, as we were born shortly after the war ended.

“We played street games: the girls played with skipping ropes and hopscotch. I would play cricket and football and we also played on our bikes.

“There was a bowling green at the back of Boundary Street which was left to run wild so we played on that.”

Ian, who attended Farington Primary School, can recall the names of some of his friends.

He adds: “It was such a long time ago, but I can remember Carol Ince, Sandra Trafford and Raymond Horsfield. There was a sweet shop in Stanifield Lane where two children lived.”

Ian, who owned a barber shop in Wigan, posted the photo on Leyland Memories Facebook group and it stirred a few responses.

Karen Flemming-Rutlidge posts: “My mum is on the first row on the right hand side, Carol Ince, and my Auntie Sheila Brown (was Ince) is on the second row, fourth from the left. I’m sure Sandra Lee is on there too, I think she’s the first on the left on the front row. I’ve missed Boundary Street since my gran passed. I had so many happy memories.

“The main one that stays in my mind is Leyland Festival, we always went to gran and grandads, got our pennies to throw and the floats and put in the money boxes and then went back and had a party tea.”