Nora, 102, teaches TV chef Nadiya about marmalade magic

A popular TV chef learned from a true expert when she was given a lesson in making marmalade.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 3:10 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 4:11 pm

Nadiya Hussain visited 102-year-old Nora Sawle in an episode of her new eight-part BBC 2 series Nadiya’s Family Favourites.

Nora, who is the wife of the former vicar of St Andrew’s Parish Church in Leyland - William Sawle - has been making marmalade for decades.

And in episode six - entitled Wind Down Weekends - Nadiya told both Nora and her daughter Elizabeth about marmalade-making: “If I’m going to learn from anyone I’m going to learn from you guys.”

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Viewers were told that Nora has passed on the passion to her daughter Elizabeth.

Nora explained to Nadiya: “Well I always have made marmalade for as long as I can remember.

“We had an old gardener and he once came to me and brought me big brass pan and it was the brass pan that started me off on making marmalade.”

Nora works her jam magic with a trusty knife that has been by her side for more than half a century.

She continued: “It was given to me by somebody from Sheffield who worked in the steelworks, and he said ‘You’ll never need another knife’.

“That knife must be 67-years-old.”

Her marmalade includes lemons as well as oranges which are boiled together to soften them.

She cooks it for precisely 21 minutes.

Elizabeth said it is the perfect time needed to reach the setting point.

Nora and her late husband William - who was vicar at St Andrew’s between 1957 and 1981 - lived the white house on Chestnut Court.

She is still fondly remembered by local folk who were full of praise for her on social media.

Keith McIntosh commented: “Nice to see Elizabeth Sawle with Mrs Sawle helping Nadiya making Marmalade.”

Kathryn Bradshaw said; “Mrs Swale is amazing for 102, really enjoyed seeing this. Thank you what an amazing lady xx.”

Neil Cosgrove added: “Just watched her. What a marvellous lady.”

A comment from Christina Ashworth read: “Oh just watched her, what an amazing lady she is.”

And Carolyn Wilson said; “Just watched it. Don’t know the ladies but Nora looks to be doing incredibly well considering her age. So nice.”

In the episode Nadiya Hussain also showed us how to create the perfect dishes to compliment any kind of day.

Scrumptious wind-down weekend dishes were a smokey spinach shakshuka, a quick and easy squid risotto, Nadiya’s family twist on Sunday lunch and an orange and coffee poke cake

Nadiya’s quest to find the best homemade marmalade in Britain took her to Nora.

And her penchant for a good cuppa landed her on Britain’s first ever tea plantation in Cornwall.