Nightmare neighbour rapped

A woman who threw paint on her neighbours' car and allowed her dog to bark at all hours of night and day has been given a court order in a last-ditch bid to make her change her ways.
Hawksbury Drive in Penwortham the scene of an attackHawksbury Drive in Penwortham the scene of an attack
Hawksbury Drive in Penwortham the scene of an attack

Tara Barton, 33, of Hawksbury Drive, Kingsfold, Penwortham, was taken to Preston County Court by bosses at Progress Housing Group, who had grown frustrated by her “disruptive and alarming behaviour”.

The court heard the landlord had received numerous complaints about Ms Barton since November 2012.

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The allegations were that she had thrown paint onto a car, engaged in drunken behaviour, had played excessively loud music, burned fires in her back garden on a regular basis and allowed her pet dog to bark at all hours of the day and night. All behaviour was said to have surrounded Hawksbury Drive (pictured).

The court ruled in the landlord’s favour and Ms Barton was given an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Order.

Tammy Bradley, operations director of housing, community and support services at Progress Housing Group, said: “After giving Ms Barton numerous opportunities to change her poor behaviour, we had no choice but to take this legal action. “We hope that by taking Ms Barton to court she will stop her disruptive and alarming behaviour and allow our tenants to live in their homes safely and peacefully.”

Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction Orders are a civil matter and were brought in by the Government in March 2015.

They do not give the recipient a criminal record, however, if Ms Barton is found to have breached the Order, it is punishable as contempt of court, and this can lead to imprisonment and/or a fine.

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