Poignant pictures and video show beach memorial event for Morecambe cockling tragedy anniversary

The twentieth anniversary of the Morecambe Bay tragedy was commemorated by More Music with an event on Morecambe’s West End Beach.

There was music, warm drinks, braziers, lanterns on which people could write messages and thoughts and finally the lighting of a fire in the shape of a boat.

The burning boat was sent out to sea as the tide came in, to give that sense of fire and water.

Words, by Lemn Sissay, were written on the wall behind the beach and said:

“There’s a time of day you can talk to a wave when you live by the side of the sea“You can hear its words in the whispering spray when you live by the side of the sea“The tales it tells of the storms and swells, things you hear but never can tell“When you live by the side of the sea”

Following the event on the beach there was a couple of hours of music and food and chat and conversations at More Music in Morecambe where people could reflect on the lives of the 23 people lost in the bay.