Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden condemns Russia and praises UK action

Snowden believes the current fight of Ukrainians puts life into perspective.

By Aimee Seddon
Monday, 28th February 2022, 1:59 pm

Today, Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Andrew Snowden has condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine, whilst praising the UK for its current support of Ukrainians.

Speaking to the Post, Snowdon called the crisis in Ukraine "a really tragic situation" which puts life into perspective, before continuing with praise for his country's response.

Snowdon said: "We’re over here in Lancashire today, tracking people for drink driving, which whilst important, you think there are people in Ukraine in their hometowns right now, defending them with assault rifles against foreign invaders. It does make things come into perspective sometimes and make you reflect, and I’m proud of the way the UK has led the charge.

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Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Andrew Snowden say the UK must continue to condemn Russia and support Ukraine.

"We’ve pulled other partners along to make sure we have the toughest economic sanctions against Russia as possible, that we’re providing direct arms support.

"I saw a wonderful video at the weekend of people seeing those ammunitions arrive in the Ukraine to help people defend their home, and that’s what we’re doing, we’re helping people defend their homes so it’s really really important that the UK continues to play that role."

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner's support for further UK involvement in the Russian-Ukraine crisis comes as numerous prominent buildings across Lancashire - including county hall, Preston Market Hall, Chorley town hall and Blackpool Tower- were lit up over the weekend in solidarity with Ukraine.

As Russia continues its invasion into the country Snowdon also told the Post about his fears about Putin's character, and how this could lead to escalation of the situation.

Snowdon continued: "My biggest worry is, I don’t think Putin’s behaving in a rational way, calling the Ukrainian government full of drug addicts and Nazis, and threatening to launch nuclear deterrents etc.

"It’s just not the thoughts of a rational person who is behaving in a rational or acceptable way in a modern society and international community, and the UK needs to continue to make sure that we lead the charge to condemn Russia and support the Ukraine."

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