Murder accused told officers victim was not dead

"DAVID's not dead. I know him. He always sleeps with his mouth open. He's not dead, trust me."
The Edwards' home at Parkers Wood Close, ChorleyThe Edwards' home at Parkers Wood Close, Chorley
The Edwards' home at Parkers Wood Close, Chorley

Those were the words of Sharon Edwards as she was taken into Preston Police Station the night of his death a court has been told.

Edwards, 42, denies murdering her solicitor husband David Edwards and insists he "walked onto" a kitchen knife she was holding.

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Jurors at Manchester Crown Court have been led through the events in the hours before the 51-year-old died from a wound to the heart.

Police were called to their £320,000 home on Parkers Wood Close, Chorley, on August 23.

Manchester Crown Court heard how forensic teams recovered a kitchen knife from the sink, found to have David's blood on it of a length of between 4cm and 8cm, as well as numerous blood stains in the dining room, kitchen, hallway and lounge, where it appears he sat on the sofa.

Blood was also found on the shower and sink, jurors were told, as they looked at plans of the house.


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