Mum tells of abduction girl’s sex attack ordeal

A mother-of-five has appealed for help to catch a man who abducted her six-year old daughter and took her on a ride of terror
Nairne Street - scene of abductionNairne Street - scene of abduction
Nairne Street - scene of abduction

The distressed mum said her bright, bubbly, little girl had been terrified when the man told her if she didn’t stop crying he would hit her with a belt and, before letting her go, threatened to “come for one of her family” if she told anyone of her ordeal.

The brave little girl is now back home with her mum and siblings at their terraced home in the Coal Clough area of Burnley. The family have had little sleep since Thursday when the child was enticed by the man to help him get a ball from under his car. When she bent down he bundled her into the car boot and drove off.

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He stopped at one point and is believed to have carried out a sexual assault in his car before driving on to Hapton where he released the girl.

“This man is a pervert and he needs catching before he does this to another little girl,” said the 40-year-old mum, who works in a local charity shop. “My little girl wouldn’t have gone with him willingly, she knows better than that.”

Police have been carrying out house-to-house inquiries since the girl was found wandering in a back street in Hapton before being returned to the family. Police are looking for a man, possibly in his 40s and bald, who was driving a black car and who was parked in Nairne Street around 4-15pm on Thursday.

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