Mum loses battle to regain care of surrogate baby

A mother has failed to regain care of a child handed to a couple following a surrogacy arrangement.

The woman had agreed an arrangement with the girl’s genetic father and his wife.

But she had then concealed the birth and had not handed the child over. The couple had taken legal action and - in August 2015 - a family court judge had ruled that the child should move to live with them after analysing the case over four days. Now the mother has failed to persuade a High Court judge to overturn that decision. Details have emerged in a ruling by Mr Justice Holman.

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Mr Justice Holman said the child had been living with the couple for more than a year.

The woman said she wanted the little girl to be returned to her but Mr Justice Holman said it would be “completely unjustified” to re-open debate about where the the girl should live. Mr Justice Holman has not identified anyone involved.

He had analysed the case at a private hearing in Preston.

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