Morecambe Lifeboat crews warn of the dangers of the incoming tide in Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Lifeboat crews are warning of the dangers of Morecambe Bay after being called out three times at the weekend to people being cut off by the fast incoming tide.

By Michelle Blade
Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 1:57 pm

A spokesman for Morecambe Lifeboat said: “Morecambe Bay tide is fast, if you’re out on the sands and enjoying the beautiful surroundings when the tide starts flooding you will not out run it.

"The tide will sweep around you and what became of a rather grand day out suddenly turns into a horror story.

"The thought you may not see loved ones again will start to sweep through you.

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Morecambe lifeboat crew on a training exercise in Morecambe Bay. Picture by Linda Harrison.

"Lives have been lost in the past and here at Morecambe RNLI we do everything we can to save lives at sea.

“The tide fills twice a day and can rush in at nine knots or the speed of a good horse. It starts to flood three hours before high tide and the tidal bore about two hours.

“Our volunteer crews no matter what time of day or night drop their families, friends, beds, meals to attend and launch their respective craft. They duly stand by what they volunteer for in saving lives. This weekend was no exception.

"As we approach the warmer months and visitor numbers increase we ask that tide times are checked before walking out on the sands. They can be found online or booklets available to be purchased at local shops.

“Stay safe when out on the sands.”

For more information visit the Morecambe Lifeboat Facebook page.