Mind-reading, super strength and heat vision to cook dinner - 55 per cent of kids think their parents have super powers

Just flown into the kitchen... Here's SuperdadJust flown into the kitchen... Here's Superdad
Just flown into the kitchen... Here's Superdad
Kids really do think their parents are superheroes - with more than half believing their mums can read their MINDS, according to a study.

A survey of 1,000 children aged between six and eight reveals 55 per cent reckon their mum and dad could actually be a superhero or villain in disguise.

More than a third suspect they have a secret hidden lair where they keep their crime-fighting paraphernalia

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And six in 10 believe their dad is capable of inhuman feats of strength.

A spokesperson from Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, which commissioned the research, said: "From super-human abilities to hidden lairs and colourful costumes, it's lovely to discover the vivid characters parents inspire in their kids."

Thirty five per cent of kids suspect that their parents may have a hidden lair or 'Batcave'-style room where they keep their crime-fighting costume and gadgets.

As for super-suits, 60 per cent deem a mask a must to hide your true identity, while 58 per cent agree that nothing sets off a superhero get-up like a cape to blow in the breeze.

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When it comes to the daily tasks parents would use their super powers to complete, one in two kids think their folks would utilise their super-hearing to keep tabs on them when they were out of sight, and 55 per cent imagine their parents would use their telepathic skills to get in their heads.

Forty three per cent think super strength would make carrying shopping bags home effortless, and 35 per cent would flash-cook dinner with their heat-vision.

In a tally of top superheroes Spiderman swung into the top spot, tailed by Batman and Superman.

On the other side of the law, Batman's arch nemesis the Joker was named the best baddie, followed by Avengers antagonist Loki and Spidey-rival the Green Goblin.

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A spokesperson from Ripley's Believe It Or Not! continued: "Parents are a huge inspiration to their kids. We hope that we can help fan the flames of their imaginations with our exhibits on Remarkable People, Amazing Art and the Weird but Wonderful."

Superpowers Mum is most likely to have

1. Telepathy (mind-reading) 55.58%

2. Super strength 32.16%

3. Super healing 21.19%

4. X-ray vision 17.84%

5. Precognition (can see into the future) 15.06%

6. Invisibility 14.50%

7. Teleportation 12.64%

8. Communication with animals 12.08%

9. Speed and agility 11.15%

10. Immortality 8.92%

Superpowers Dad is most likely to have

1. Super strength 59.51%

2. Telepathy (mind-reading) 21.24%

3. Speed and agility 19.03%

4. Invisibility 11.06%

5. Flight 10.62%

6. X-ray vision 10.40%

7. Immortality 9.96%

8. Super healing 9.51%

9. Precognition (can see into the future) 9.07%

10. Shapeshifting 7.96%

Most popular super heroes

1. Spider-Man 40.40%

2. Batman 40.30%

3. Superman 33.20%

4. Iron Man 29.20%

5. Captain America 25.50%

6. The Incredible Hulk 23.00%

7. Thor 15.20%

8. Wolverine 11.70%

9. Black Widow 9.30%

10. Ant-Man 8.40%

Most popular super villains

1. The Joker 33.40%

2. Loki 15.30%

3. The Green Goblin 13.10%

4. Lex Luthor 11.50%

5. Red Skull 11.40%

6. Ultron 10.60%

7. The Riddler 10.10%

8. Venom 10.00%

9. Doctor Doom 9.20%

10. Bane 8.70%

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