Marmite '˜crisis' is settled

The Marmite scare is over!
An empty shelf where Marmite should be in a Tesco storeAn empty shelf where Marmite should be in a Tesco store
An empty shelf where Marmite should be in a Tesco store

Unilever has confirmed the “supply situation” with Tesco involving the price of Marmite and other products had been “successfully resolved” and that the items are “once again fully available”.

It comes as Unilever, the group behind brands such as Marmite, Flora and Persil, is believed to have demanded a 10 per cent price rise due to the falling value of sterling, halting deliveries to Tesco when it refused.

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A “used” jar of Marmite has appeared on eBay for £100,000 as consumers respond to the news of a shortage of the spread.

The listing also throws in free postage and packaging.

Another eBay listing has a “Rare 2016 genuine retail Marmite jar (unopened)” for £5,000, with the description: “One of the last remaining examples of this fabled product in private hands.

“Unsealed, it is in the same condition it was when it was plucked from the supermarket shelf.

“Little did I know it would be the last Marmite I ever bought - and now, you, too, can buy your last ever Marmite”

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“FREE postage, UK only. I will not post this item to Europe.”

A 125g jar for £29.99 reads: “A much loved/hated spread once found in many cupboards across Britain, but following the decision to leave the EU has now become an extremely rare item.”

It goes on: “This rare jar of yeast extract could at least ensure that a family somewhere in the country will receive their recommended daily allowance of the B12 vitamin.”

Meanwhile, Poundland worked the spat to its advantage, with freshly printed shelf tickets in stores reassuring customer that there was “No shortage of Marmite here!!”

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