Mario's super power bill is a real shocker

Pensioner Mario Pinto has been stunned by an electricity bill for more than £2,000, even though he lives alone in a small terraced house with few appliances.

The 68-year-old, who doesn’t even have a TV, says his account went from £1,418 in credit to £2,162 in arrears – a switch of £3,500 – in less than two months.

Energy giant Npower has now promised to investigate his “apparently high energy use” after Mario turned to the Post for help.

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“It’s astonishing,” he said at home in St Paul’s Square, Preston. “How can I have used all that? I’ve checked my meter over the past week and I’m only using about five units a day, if that, at 16p each. At that rate it would take me 12 years to run up a bill like that.”

Mario’s latest electricity statement is even more shocking as he lives abroad up to six months a year. “I don’t have a TV, or a washing machine, or a dryer, or things like that. I only use an electric kettle to make a hot drink. I’ve now found out I’ve been on the highest tariff for years and not once have they offered me a lower one.

“Since 2011 I’ve been paying more every month than they told me to. In January I got a bill saying I was £1,400 in credit, then at the end of February they said I was £2,160 in debt. So that’s £3,500 I’ve supposedly used in two months.”

An Npower spokesperson said: “We’re keen to resolve this as quickly as possible and we’re currently looking into what has caused this apparently high energy use.”

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