Man on drink and drugs drove at his brother

A man leapt into his ex-partner's car after a row and drove into his brother carrying him along on the bonnet.
Jailed: Dean RobyJailed: Dean Roby
Jailed: Dean Roby

Dean Roby, who was still struggling to come to terms with his father’s death a week before, had been drinking and taking drugs, a court heard. This was in the presence of members of his family at his ex-partner’s home in Wigan and an argument blew up.

She tried to calm him down but he took the keys to her Audi and drove off.

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“His mother was standing behind the vehicle when he reversed and he drove onto Kirkwood Close, New Springs, and his brother Anthony ran in front of the car pleading with him to stop,” prosecutor Fiona McNeill told Liverpool Crown Court.

“He drove towards Anthony and caused his leg to come from underneath him and he fell face first onto the bonnet. Roby continued to drive with him hanging onto the bonnet. We went onto Wigan Road and Cale Lane, he was braking quite regularly to try to shake him off though there was no suggestion of excessive speed,” she said.

“Anthony fell off suffering a broken ankle and the defendant drove off at speed. He was arrested the next day and made no reply.

The 41-year-old, of Kirkless Street, New Springs, pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

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Paul Treble, defending, said that Roby is “a strong man” who had worked in the construction industry but he had taken his father’s death very badly. He took on the burdens of his family but did know how to deal with them for himself and found it difficult to ask for help.

He has committed 52 previous offences but while on remand in custody he has made good progress and has been mentoring others.

Jailing him for two and a half years Judge Steven Everett described it as “a sad case.”

He added: “Although I have real sympathy for the fact your father died I regret we all have to go through it. I have no sympathy for the way you approached this, drinking and taking drugs is not the answer.”

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The judge said that when he drove at his brother, “you were so fired up by your self-pity and by what you had taken you did something you would not have done if sober. You could have killed him. He was being a loving brother.”

The court had heard that his brother did not want him to go to jail but the judge said his public duty meant he had to receive an immediate custodial term. He also banned him from driving for six years three months.

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