Lime Bar reaction: "How are local businesses expected to thrive with all this ridiculous bureaucracy?"

A bar in Penwortham has been refused permission to extend its opening hours and host live music.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 11:46 am
Updated Friday, 12th October 2018, 12:48 pm
Lime Bar in Penwortham

Lime Bar, on Liverpool Road, has also been told that it cannot expand an outside seating area nor install patio heaters

The founder of the business said she just wanted “parity” with other venues and told councillors she had been subjected to a campaign by one resident who had sent 500 complaints about the bar both to her and South Ribble Council.

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Planners to rule on Penwortham bar's opening hours

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Here are a selection of your views on the topic.

Really can’t see the issue with having patio heaters ?! Surely in the depths of winter.. the Lime bars customers should be allowed to keep themselves warm while waiting for taxis and having a cigarette outside.

Jack Nuttall

Short sighted to block this licence. Bringing more modern living to Penwortham will, not only bring money/commerce into the village but will boost house prices!. They were proposing early doors music and have always bee courteous to the community so far. What a shame.

Sarah Hanson

*For the record. We do not possess a fryer and certainly do not provide fried food. Totally irrelevant to our variances requested!!!

Jane Johnson

What a shame, people are so bitter and spoil it for the rest of us. Keep fighting Jane!

Lee Thomas Slater

How are local businesses expected to thrive with all this ridiculous bureaucracy! ‍

Martin Hollowood

I really can’t see how these variances would affect anything in the surrounding neighbourhood. Short-sighted people who can’t abide progress.

Nicole Passmore

Crazy. I started working in Penwortham 4 years ago and the place has been transformed in a positive way, in large parts thanks to the Lime Bar. I think it is safe to say you have the support of the majority.

Adam Dell’Armi

Miserable ☹️ if Penwortham is ever to compete with Lytham as suggested in recent articles need to up the aunty immensely and you start commending / backing local businesses such as yourselves.

Julie Murphy

Absolutely ludicrous decision. Penwortham is desperate for live music venues and extra bars. Lime Bar is at the centre of a rejuvenated Penwortham, rather than restricting their trade we need a couple of other bars and restaurant to provide some healthy competition.

Madjaj Enidretsnoc

Oh dear some people do not like change. You gotta move with the times.

Sandra Brookfield

Lime Bar have created many jobs and brought the whole of Penwortham and people from afar together.. improving Liverpool Road.

Gemma Catterall