Leyland churches support Christians Against Poverty

Helen NevilleHelen Neville
Helen Neville
A group of Leyland churches are offering free help to hundreds of local people after partnering with an award-winning national debt counselling charity.

St Andrew’s, St John’s, Leyland Baptist, Leyland Methodist, Wellfield Church and Clayton Christian Fellowship, have joined forces with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) aiming to help 24 people this year by offering home visits to those effected by personal debt. The new branch will join two other busy centres nearby that are helping people across Preston.

Helen Neville, manager of the new Leyland Debt Centre, said: “We hope over the next few years to help increasing numbers of local people and families, to put their debt nightmares behind them and start a new life.

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“Debt is often the by-product of a relationship break down, losing a job, or through bereavement – times when people are least able to cope with a financial headache. That’s why we’re so excited to open a debt centre here in Leyland.

She added every client is visited in their own home, with the debt centre working with each person until they become debt free. Meanwhile CAP’s head office specialists negotiate with creditors, create a budget and provide ongoing technical support.

Helen added: “If you know things are out of control and you’re stressed, missing meals or sleep, please give us a call and let us help you get your life back on track.”

Book an appointment with Helen by going to capuk.org or calling 0800 328 0006.