LETTER: Care and sympathy from start to finish at King's Mill

Kings Mill Hospital.Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.
With reference to your recent article in the Chad regarding King's Mill Hospital, I would like to add my comments after a recent stay there.'¨After a fall in the Four Seasons shopping centre in Mansfield, causing me to fracture my femur, I was taken by ambulance where they gave me morphine for my pain en route to the hospital. '¨On arriving at A&E, which was very busy, I was made comfortable by the staff until I had my x-ray confirming my fracture. I was given pain relief until I was admitted to the ward where I was offered a drink and something to eat by the vary caring and sympathetic nurses.'¨I was operated on the next day after being seen by the anaesthetist. '¨I cannot praise the staff enough for my care. They were all so competent and caring. '¨The hospital was very clean. I was amazed by the choice of food which was very nice. '¨Before I was discharged they made sure I was able to manage at home and would be looked after.

Rhoda Kitchen

Castle Green,

Laughton en le



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