'Leaving the EU is killing our country’s education system'

We are teachers here in Wigan who are devastated by Brexit.

Make no mistake about it.

Brexit is killing Britain’s education system.

And that’s why we are fighting to stop it.

We are teachers against Brexit.

Being part of Europe has given our families, proudly rooted in our local communities, the joy of possibilities beyond our borders.

But now our schools are hurt by funding cuts, with schools closing early and class sizes getting bigger.

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Here in the North West alone, nearly 2,000 schools have had ruthless cuts to funding in the last few years.

And Brexit would only make our schools poorer.

Our universities here in the North West rely on generous EU research investment.

In the last decade, the EU has invested £478m into universities in the North West (and this doesn’t even include Erasmus funding), data released by Best for Britain and Tech for UK shows.

And our universities are held together by around 2,800 dedicated EU academic staff.

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But since the referendum, nearly 1,300 have left our region.

Brexit is breaking our universities.

Together, we will not let our schools, colleges and universities become the forgotten victims of Brexit.

Our education has been neglected for years by the political class. And Brexit is a step too far.

That’s why we urge our MPs here in the North West to realise the Government’s deal would destroy our communities. Brexit must be voted down, and the public must have the final say.

Lawrence Hoy

John Wilmington

Pete Coulson