Lancaster pub rumour '˜incorrect'

A former employee of a Lancaster pub who claimed online that it would not be re-opening following the December floods has been rumbled.
The Green Ayre pub, Lancaster.The Green Ayre pub, Lancaster.
The Green Ayre pub, Lancaster.

A spokesman for the Wetherspoon pub group has said the comment posted on Facebook is incorrect, and that the Green Ayre, in North Road, would be re-opening at some point in the future.

A post on the Lloyds’ Number 1 - The Green Ayre Facebook page claimed the pub would be shut for good, but Eddie Gershon, for the company, said: “The post relating to the pub not reopening was put on Facebook by a former employee of the pub and is incorrect.

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“The situation is that the premises are still drying out and taking longer to do so than we anticipated.

“Since the pub shut, staff from the Green Ayre have been working in nearby Wetherspoon pubs.

“We informed them that as any reopening would be much further away than first thought, that Wetherspoon would need to relocate some to other Wetherspoon pubs and not just the ones they had been working in, in recent months.”

The post read: “After great deliberation, we regret to announce that the flooding which took place on 6th December 2015 has forced us to close our doors at the Green Ayre for the last time. We unfortunately will not be re-opening as a Wetherspoon venue. Many thanks to all our loyal customers over the years and we wish you all the best.”

The post has since been removed.

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It is understood the member of staff had left the company but was still the administrator for the Facebook page.

Following the devastating floods in December, Mr Gershon said that the pub would be closed until March, with a clean up and repair operation of around £500,000.

But he added: “It is our intention to reopen the pub, but we do not have a timescale on this.”

He added that all staff had been relocated within the region and would be offered their jobs back at the pub once it re-opened.