Julie asks Boris to help in Thai arrests case

Burnley MP Julie Cooper has asked Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to intervene in the case of four Burnley men who have been arrested in Thailand.
Julie Cooper MPJulie Cooper MP
Julie Cooper MP

The men have reportedly been arrested in the south east Asian country after attempting to pass off fraudulent £20 notes.

The four men, were named by Bangkok press as Adam Carter (21) and Thomas Moore, Luke Swainston-Thomas and Bradley Turner, all aged 23.

Two of the families involved contacted Mrs Cooper for help.

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She said: “I have asked the Foreign Secretary to intervene. I have also arranged an English speaking lawyer for the group and assured the families they will have our maximum support.”

Police in the south-east of the country arrested the four after people complained that the fake currency was being presented to an exchange bureau there.

The suspects were all said to be living in a rented house in the Tambon Ban Tai area when the officers moved in. The men have been charged with owning and passing fake foreign currency and the illegal possession of drugs.