Jam found guilty of attack on housing association boss

Trouble: Jam Imani Rad pictured in the communal garden shortly after the attackTrouble: Jam Imani Rad pictured in the communal garden shortly after the attack
Trouble: Jam Imani Rad pictured in the communal garden shortly after the attack
A PENSIONER has been found guilty of headbutting a housing association boss.

Jam Imani Rad, 67, hit national headlines after landscaping gardens belonging to Community Gateway Assocation (CGA) in Harrington Street, Preston, without permission.

When CGA staff arrived to remove unauthorised parts of the garden following a court order, Chorley Magistrates’ Court heard that Rad, who is a tennant in Harrington Street, became irate.

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After being told he couldn’t photograph workers – another court order – he began swearing, shouting and ripping up plants, forcing repairs manager Mark Dunderdale to suspend operations.

Rad then assaulted Mr Dunderdale, who said he was worried Rad was going to attack his 13-weeks pregnant colleague Lisa Heyes.

Mr Dunderdale said: “Lisa was walking back from her car, unaware of what had happened.

“All of a sudden Rad saw Lisa and pointed directly at her. Then he ran towards me and Lisa in an aggressive manner.

“At that stage I was unsure what he was going to do.”

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The court heard Rad went nose-to-nose with Mr Dunderdale, forcing the staff member to raise his arm to stop his personal space being invaded.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, he then lowered his arm, but then said Rad “lunged” at him, Rad’s forehead connecting with Mr Dunderdale’s nose.

Mr Dunderdale attended hospital, suffering a cut to the bridge of his nose and two swollen eyes.

His version of events was substantiated in evidence given by Miss Heyes and two groundworkers who witnessed the incident.

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All agreed that the headbutt could not have been an accident.

Rad pleaded not guilty, claiming the contact came about when Mr Dunderdale moved his head upwards and caught his head.

In a police interview read out to the court, he said: “Although he (Mr Dunderdale) is the same height, he had his head down. I was physically too close to him, which I regret. Then Mark suddently moved his head up.”

Rad also told police he had suffered a blackout, was autistic and had trouble communicating.

The court dismissed Rad’s version of events, finding him guilty.

He was fined £180 with a £200 victim surcharge and £460 costs.

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