It's party time for Tito as Jacksons head to Blackpool

Tito Jackson might have been relaxing in the early morning Californian sunshine, but he's looking forward to bringing that sunshine to Blackpool.

Thursday, 10th August 2017, 11:40 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:22 pm
Original boy band The Jacksons, coming to Blackpool this month at Livewire Festival

The Jacksons are headlining the Friday night at the Livewire Festival at the Tower Headland on August 25.

In his rich gravelly voice that was the perfect bass for the famous family band’s vocal harmonies, he said he was really excited to be coming back to the UK, a place he said the Jacksons regard as a second home.

He said: “You need to tell people to bring their dancing shoes because we are going to have a party.

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“It’s going to be a high energy show with some of the greatest songs we have ever done.

“It will be about memories, it will be about fun, we just want people to enjoy the music.

“We will do all the hits, right back from the Jackson Five days with I want You Back, through ABC, I’ll Be There, to The Jacksons’ hits like Shake Your Body and Can You Feel It.

“We have got a real variety of music and, of course, we will be doing a tribute to our brother Michael with a couple of his hits.”

Tito, the guitarist in the band, talked about the enthusiasm the four brothers still had for their live shows all these years after that first hit in 1969.

He said: “I was influenced as a guitarist by BB King and the blues.

“BB King did not play a lot of really flashy things, but what he did was good and it came from his soul. He really meant it and because of that his music spoke to you.

“We mean it too and love what we do. The audien-ce better bring some throat medicine because they are going to be sore from singing along.”

He said he was proud of the achievements of the Jackson Five and The Jacksons as one of the archetypal “boy bands”.

“Yeah, we have seen the bands that came after us,” he said. “It is a good feeling to know that they have followed our lead. I hear the influence of our music too in some of their music and that makes you feel good.

“Even with big stars like Bieber, Timberlake and recently with Bruno Mars, I hear a lot of Jacksons’ influence and it is fantastic. When we are on stage it is so important to us to enjoy ourselves. How are the audience supposed to enjoy it if the band doesn’t?

“Even down to the backing band, to do it right we must all have a good time up there and we do.

“I love the rapport with the audience. Their energy feeds back to us and fuels the show.

“We are absolutely looking forward to Blackpool. I was in the UK recently and can’t wait to get back.

“It’s like our second home.”

The Jacksons who will be headlining the Friday night at the Livewire Festival at the Tower Headland on August 25